Quite the Strange Journey

My admittedly uneventful but somewhat unique career

Hi there! I'm Daniel Brook (but just call me 'Dan') and this is my website. This site was put together as kind of a catch-all for stuff I've worked on in addition to some biographical information.

I know, is that not what Facebook is for? Yes, however, I quit Facebook in 2008 due to displeasure with their data ownership policies and the fact that it became a giant time sink for me (and that was before integrated apps and games were brought to the platform!)

Past and Current Projects

I've worked on some projects here and there throughout my studies that I'm happy to share here. Below is a list of these works as well as links for you to check them out yourself.


I am an almost-life-long Massachusetts resident and I love my home state. I live in the booming metropolis of Watertown.

Currently I work in Waltham as an Associate Software Engineer at Amadeus North America in the Search, Shopping, and Pricing Division.

Previously, I was a meteorologist for almost 2 years in Grand Forks, North Dakota at Meridian Environmental Technology. (now owned by Iteris, Inc. out of Minnesota). I discovered my passion for programming in my off-time and decided to pursue it as a full-blown career!

I am also...

  • A Linux user (Debian is my preference)
  • A geek (didn't see that one coming, right?)
  • An amateur shade-tree mechanic
  • A lover of the outdoors (I enjoy hiking and biking)
  • An introvert (INTP, to be exact)

About this site

This site is hosted on a Linode. It's quite an awesome service from my experience so far since you get basically an entirely personalized Linux installation of your choice to do what you need with unlike many other hosting services. It's also blisteringly fast compared even to the school server I was using before.

I put this all together because I wanted a better way to organize things I've worked on all in one place.

Updated 19-Jan-2016